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 라돈측정기 (Model/RAD7) : 실내공기질 공정시험법 주시험법 장비


단시간 측정 및 연속 장기간 측정 가능

라돈 및 Thoron 측정 및 그래프 출력 가능

1시간 이내에 EPA Action Level인 4pCi/L 측정

빠른 응답 속도와 신속한 영점 조정으로 수분
   이내에 재측정 가능

0.2 pCi/L의 고감도 측정 가능

건축물 실내 및 지하 생활 공간 등의 라돈가스
   농도 측정

건축 및 토목 자재의 라돈 방출량 측정


사양 / 제품번호



Continuous Radon Gas Monitor Long-term / short-term screener Sniffer, with small tube "snout", to search for radon and thoron entry points


Measures radon in air, soil and water (with RAD H2O accessory)


Monitor : 0.4 counts / min / pCi / L
Sniffer: 0.2 counts / min / pCi / L


0.1 to 20,000 pCi / L


1,000 previous radon concentrations and associated data.
Can be read out on LCD, printed out or downloaded to PC.
Also shows high, low, average and standard deviation of readings

Principle of Operation

Electrostatic collection of alpha - emitters with spectral analysis

Built-in Air Pump

Nominal 1ℓ/min flow rate. Inlet air filter. Inlet and outlet air connectors

Spectrum Readout

Pulse height spectrum of alpha distribution verifies radon / thoron, and also shows the RAD7 is operating properly.
Accurate determination of the alpha particle energies produces a radon signature that allows discrimination of radon and thron's alpha particles from those of other isotopes

Fast Low-Level Readings

In continuous monitor mode, RAD7 measures the EPA action level of 4 pCi/L in just 1 hour(60 minutes), with standard deviation of 10%.
Since the RAD7 has virtually no background, it is much more sensitive than other electronic detectors, easily measuring down to 0.1pCi/L

Recovery in Minutes

Recovers from high radon exposure with a 3.05 minute half-life : to less than 10% of peak value in 12 minutes; to less than 1% of peak value in 30 minutes. Drops from 20,000 to 1 pCi/L in less than an hour

Tamper Proof

A "Test Lock" command is programmed into the machine to secure your RAD7 against all kinds of intentional or unintentional tampering

Auto Mode

This setting starts a test run in SNIFF mode, then switches to NORMAL mode after the first 3 hours. No more waiting for equilibrium.
Gives quick response, followed by statistical precision

Continuous Updating

Gives continuous update of radon levels so you can see the trend at all times,not just at pre-set intervals

Computer LCD Display

2 line × 16 character, alpha - numeric. easy to read

Audible Radon Count

Indicates presence and intensity of radon and thoron.
May be turned on or off


AC / battery powered - 5AH 6V batteries. Automatic charge when plugged in.
Continuous battery operation : 24 hours sniffing : 72 hours continuous monitoring


Hewlett-Packard Model HP 82240A

RS-232 Port

Computer or modem hookup

Operating Range

Temperature : 5。~ 40℃
Humidity : 0 ~ 100%, non-condensing

Weight / Size

4.9kg - 24×19×27cm

Case Material

High density polyethylene



RAD7 Radon Detector

1 ea


1 ea

Printer Roll Paper

3 ea

Velcro Tab

2 sets

Drying Tube

4 ea

Gas Drying Unit

1 ea

5Lb Desicccant

1 ea

1 Dust Filter & 6 Uniflow Filters

1 set

Vinyl Tubing

1 set

Capture Data Link Software & Cable

1 ea



RAD H2O water Accessory

1 set

Remote control Software

1 set


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