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 정밀급 실시간 소음측정 및 주파수분석기, 1/3옥타브 (Model/RC-401)


 1/1 & 1/3 Octave band Real-time Analyser
1/1 & 1/3 주파수대역 실시간 분석기 RC-401

RC-401 실시간 주파수분석기는 소음, 진동의 각
   주파수 Data를 그래프와 수치로 표시가 가능하며
   전주파수대역에서 잔향시간 측정 및 기록이 가능한

주파수별 흐름을 3차원 표시가 가능하며, 1000개의
   Data를 자동 저장할 수 있습니다.

RC-401은 Pink noise와 White noise Generator를
   내장하고 있으며 충전건전지 또한 내장하고 있어
   현장에서 간단히 분석을 실행할 수 있습니다.

RC-401은 P/C용 소프트웨어를 기본으로 포함하
   고 있으며 Microphone set MX-40 또는
   Accelerometer set ACE-1을 선택하여 소음 또는
   진동을 분석할 수 있습니다.

3D Graphs

Surface projection maps Enveloping 3D maps

 An indispensable tool in the field of acoustic instruments: insulation calculation, room conditioning,  equalisation of musical equipment, quality control, employee protection, calculation of absorption  coefficients, analysis of industrial noise (turbines, compressors, etc.)...

Real time spectrum in
1/3 octave.

The Previous spectrum
edited in octaves.

The previous spectrum
presented numerically.

A weighting applied to
the same spectrum.

Dynamic comparison
between two spectrums
(one memorised).

Numerical presentation
of the previous comparison

Dynamic subtraction of
two spectrums.

Numerical comparison
between 4 spectrums in 1/3 octave.

Graphic calculation of LAeq in 1/3 octave.

Numerical representa-
tion of the previous LAeq calculation.

Graphic calculation of
LAeq with several noise

Graphic presentation of the daily LAeq.

Graphic representation
of reverberation time in
1/3 octave.

Numerical representa-
tion of the previous information.

Temporal evolution of
the sound pressure
level for the 100 Hz 1/3
octave band.

representation of a sequence of 50 spectrums.

사양 /제품번호



Microphone with 3 different calibrations and range from 20 to 130 dB SPL. Line from 1 mV to 30 V / Trigger from 0 to 5 V.


For printer. / RS-232 for communication with PC.
Pink and white noise generator.


124×75 mm LCD. / On-screen range of 60 dB.


Average spectrum measurement. / Sequences in 3D.
Reverberation time (RT) measurement
Instantaneous, daily and weekly LAeq calculation.
Programmable autostore.


Capacity to store and recall 1000 spectrums


Numerical and graphic presentation. / In octaves or 1/3 octaves.
With A and C weighting or without weighting.


Electricity supply and internal 12 V battery.


450×340×120 mm.a

 ● Accessories, MX-40 / C-130

The set comprises C-130 microphone and PA-13 preamplifier.



The C-130 condenser microphone has been developed to supply the sector with greatest demand for precision measurements of sound pressure.
The use of materials such as nickel and monel and exhaustive quality control, make the C-130 a highly reliable microphone.
By virtue of its size, type of thread and contacts the C-130 is interchangeable with most makes commonly found on the market, which also facilitates its calibration in official laboratories.

사양 /제품번호



25 mV/Pa

Dynamic range

18 to 150 dBA

Frequency response
(±1dB, angle of incidence
0°, free-field)

from 31.5Hz to 12.5kHz

Polarisation voltage

200 V


22 pF (typical)


13.2 mm

 ● Accessories, ACE-1 / PA-13

The ACE-1 accelerometer needs no charge amplifier.
Supplied with cable and connector.

사양 / 제품번호



100 mV/g

Frequency response

from 3 Hz to 5 kHz

Mass insulation


Maximum acceleration without breakage

5000 g

Dynamic range

50 g

The PA-13 preamplifier is designed for half-inch microphones such
as the CESVA C-130 and comparable types. By virtue of its wide frequency response and low noise level, the PA-13 is ideal for precision applications. It is also very reasonably priced.


사양 / 제품번호


Gain (at 1 kHz)

-0.1 dB

Frequency response(± 0.5 dB and small signal)

1 Hz to 100 kHz

Input impedance

10 GΩ

Output impedance


Power supply

28 or 120V

Minimal voltage range at output

± 10V (at 28V) and ± 50V (at 120V)

Noise (with 1/2′microphone and A weighting)

2.5μV (typical)


LEMO with 7 contacts


12.5 mm


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